Serving in Ethiopia

    Craig and Allison joined CMF’s church-planting team in Ethiopia in July 2005. They live and work among the Gumuz, an unreached people group in western Ethiopia. Craig’s responsibilities are in evangelism, church planting, and church leadership development. Allison focuses on community health services in the rural villages. Their home is in Aygali – a town in a very remote area between two major rivers, the Blue Nile and the Beles. In order to live in this area of the country, part of the Fowlers’ project agreement with the Ethiopian government includes operating a medical clinic.Our church supports these great servants of Christ in Ethiopia. They have 3 amazing kids: Zane (2000), Ezra (2003), & Anna (2006)


    Global Outreach

    The Christian HolyLand Foundation partners with six pastoring couples who are all native to the Galilee region of northern Israel. In their capacity as church planters, they serve both established congregations and 'home' churches. They are also active in specialized ministries such as Women's programs and trainings, Believer reconciliation events, youth groups, and more. Since 2005 they have expanded from 6 ministries in 5 different communities, to working with some two dozen groups in nearly 30 villages and towns.

    These couples each have their own individual ministries, as well as working together as a Team on large or special projects. They meet together regularly for worship, encouragement, planning, and accountability.

    The purpose of Christian HolyLand Foundation is to proclaim the

    Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Holy Land and its surrounding areas, and to establish and maintain a base of operations from which churches patterned after the New Testament order may be started.

    Visit CHLF on the Web at http://www.chlf.org/

  • Mike Schrage


    Mike Schrage is the Executive Director of Good News Productions, International.  GNPI is a non-profit organization that accelerates global evangelism through media. Ziden Nutt founded GNPI in 1976. Ziden experienced firsthand on the mission field the desperate need for missionaries and nationals to have culturally relevant Biblical resources. As a result, Ziden began producing simple filmstrip series using language and images from the local culture.

    Today, nearly four decades later, GNPI works through regional centers and NOMaD teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve the 80% of people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials.

    Visit GNPI on the Web at http://gnpi.org

  • boise Bible College

    Regional Outreach

    Boise Bible College develops well-equipped leaders for the Lord's church who maintain a servant's heart, live with integrity, and hold a Biblical worldview as they serve the church.

    They excel in preparing Christian leaders for all levels of church ministry and are an extension ministry of the local church as we equip individuals for a lifetime of Christian service.

    Visit BBC on the Web at http://www.boisebible.edu

  • Zach and Candice Lewis

    Zach and Candice work with Pioneer Bible Translators under the umbrella role of Scripture Impact. Scripture Impact Specialists work alongside translation teams to get Scripture into local areas and equip nationals to use Scripture in their language to transform their lives and communities.  Zach and Candice will be serving in a North African country with multiple Muslim refugee people groups. Our work will focus on discipleship efforts and church development. They hope to move to the mission field by the end of 2023!