Are you New to High Lakes?

Welcome Home! Whether you are new to La Pine or have been around awhile we want to thank you for joining us at High Lakes Christian Church.  Hopefully you have had the opportunity to join with us at one of our in-person or online services.  Now however, you're probably wondering, "What's Next?"

Our mission is to not build consumers, but to build disciples.   We strive to be a place that moves people through a process of discipleship this is clear and concise.  To Reach the Lost, To Teach the Believer and to Release the Servant into Ministry. 

We strive to accomplish these 3 goals with several "steps," in helping to build fully formed followers of Christ.  Through onramp programs, community events, Biblical teaching, Life Groups and service opportunities we strive to use a holistic approach to spiritual development for all believers.  But there is a place where we would like you start.


Next Steps is an introductory class that is a combination of video sessions and an in-person lunch meeting.  Next Steps dives into the history of our church and what it is that we believe.  It is the goal of Next Steps to give every person who attends High Lakes a clear description of faith in Jesus and what church membership truly looks like.  If you are interested in joining our next class please click to button below to register.  After you register you will receive a link back to this page and a password to unlock the videos below.

Next Steps Video Sessions

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5